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"It never ends where it begins"

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Ministry of D.J. and Laverne Brown 

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A Message Full of Hope,
Deliverance with Music
Focused on Individuals & Families affected by Substance Abuse  

Night of Prayer & Worship

Riverside, California 

October 4

Repetoire Concert/Service

RIverside, California 

October 5 

Family Day @

Riverside, California

October 6

We are commissioned to extend the
Hands and Heart of God to Humanity
in an effort to change the quality of Lives

Matthew 28:19-20 | Matthew 25:31-40 | Acts 2 


24/7 Support




Childcare Available 

December 15-17, 2024 

March 3-5, 2025

Phoenix, Arizona

Las Vegas, Nevada

Would you be interested in having the authors of "Cocaine's Curtain Call" to minister at your church, school, or present at your workplace or program, to reach families who are adversely affected by Substance Abuse?  

D.J. and Laverne love sharing their story and ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


"They are as real as it gets! The authentic way they tell their story is truly inspiring and it reaches the entire family.  Cost for Booking?  Honorarium or fees are optional , we only ask that you pay travel related expenses for two. (This does not inlcude the Repertoire Concert)

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