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Comfort Women's Ministries exists to EQUIP women to study the Bible and CULTIVATE meaningful relationships and provide ministries to minister to the needs of Women and their families. 

BIBLE STUDY| August 1-Sept. 26 

Registration Begins July 15

believe the Bible is living and active. It is the source of relevant truth for daily life. Woven gathers women around the Word of God and provides tools for them to study independently. We offer Bible studies throughout the year that encourage inter-generational, inter-denominational engagement.


EVENTS   | Conference 2024

Registration begins July 15 

We invite all women into a life-changing relationship with God and meaningful friendships with one another. We plan gatherings in neutral locations that create a space for women to come as they are, receive soul-filling truth, and experience the love of God. We want women to encounter the grace of Christ that brings true freedom.


LEADERS |A Woman Ready To Answer

Comfort seeks to raise up women who will reach every corner of their community for Christ. We provide opportunities at no cost throughout the year. We aim to help women develop their strengths, grow in their walks with God, and lead in their spheres of influence.

RETREAT  | Embrace Her -June 2025

Registration Begins January 

Comfort is committed to equipping women to study the Bible as well as cultivating relationships. We believe that a retreat setting is a time and place when both elements come together for maximum impact. We seek to eliminate distractions and focus on what gives our soul life, namely rest, worship, truth, and fellowship.


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